The LunaR Smartwatch Is The World’s First Solar Powered Smartwatch


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The LunaR Collection watches are crafted to the most exacting standards that will help you enjoy an innovative device that comes with actionable insights in order to promote health and wellness

The LunaR Collection offers the first transparent solar smartwatches that sport a unique technology that brings novel sensors, proprietary algorithms, and application software. They are made from the finest raw materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail.

What We Love About LunaR Smartwatch

The LunaR smartwatch can basically be charged two ways, either the traditional way with an included USB charger, or the easier way by absorbing the sun it is exposed to, so go outside and get some sun! The watch has an invisible solar panel that absorbs any sunshine it is exposed to, and then stores it in a tiny, high-capacity Li-Ion battery.

The LunaR watch has an embedded LED array and vibration technology that integrates with a multitude of apps, offering discreet and at-a-glance notifications. Moreover, it is great to be used as an activity tracker when running or working out. The smartwatch can feel your movements and can provide accurate feedback through the app or LED dial thus making it easy for you to reach your movement objectives.

What we also love about this little watch is the fact that it displays two time zones, one analog and one digital, thus you can adjust analog time on the LunaR watch by gently pulling the crown and turning clockwise, while the digital time can be set through LunaR iOS and Android mobile app. There’s also two types of watches you can get, the ones with Sapphire Cristal Glass that don’t have any coating, and the watches without Sapphire Cristal Glass that are Sapphire top-coated.

Solar charge
Tracks activity
Can display two time zones
It is not waterproof
Can only be purchased online

The inventor or LunaR, MED USA is supported by renowned quality microelectronics manufacturer and every component is designed, developed and produced in-house to the most exacting standards. Moreover, MED USA products provide a wide range of data to Apple and Google health platforms, and its products are supported by custom-developed apps for iPhone and Android.

Finally, what I loved the most was the fact that the Infinity WiFi boosts WiFi signal and you can connect multiple devices on it. I was able to work on my laptop while my brother was playing games on his computer, and our mother was using the tablet to check out new recipes for dinner.

How Will LunaR Smartwatch Help You

The LunaR Smartwatch is an innovative product that comes with purpose-driven functionalities at the most competitive pricing. It has a multitude of features that are sure to help you in your daily routine.

We tried out these awesome LunaR smartwatches for about two weeks and we just loved how the sunset and sunrise of the current location can be shown by double pushing the right button. The sunrise is indicated by the RGB LED which blinks yellow and the corresponding hour and minutes. While the sunset is indicated by the blue LED and the corresponding hour and minutes. Here are some of the other benefits you can get from wearing the LunaR smartwatch:

  • It can display two time zones
    The LunaR’s analog time will be synced to your phone and local time, while the digital time will show the home time that gets synced with the Home City you set in the watch’s app.
  • Great activity tracker
    This watch can track the activity of it’s user by counting the steps, and a goal can be set through the watch’s app. As there’s progress, a white light will indicate 1/12 percent of the goal and when the goal is reached, all the white lights will blink and vibrate for 3 times.
  • It has inactivity tracking and 7 alarms
    LunaR has 7 sleep alarms and 7 normal alarms, and this smartwatch can also track sleep through alarm which can be configured for each day of the week, with LunaR starting the inactivity tracking whenever the sleep alarm fires.
  • Fast charging
    When on the go, you can always charge your LunaR smartwatch from the natural light of the sun, and with a daily exposure of as little as an hour, you can have infinite battery life. Moreover, if for any reason you are not planning to wear the watch for a certain period of time, just set it in a sunny spot to ensure you will have months and months of battery life.
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The LunaR smartwatch is available to order only via the official website. After two weeks of using this smartwatch I was able to wake up before the sunrise after setting my alarm, I live by the seaside and it’s a view to die for! Plus, when out for a run it does a great job at counting the steps and charging at the same time, which is great. I’ve only took it off to when taking a shower.

You can also go ahead and get your own LunaR watch, you have the option of purchasing the LunaR Original for $224.25 from $299, or the LunaR Earth for just $281.25 from $375, both of which you can get with different types of straps, depending on your taste and style: stainless steel, nylon, distressed leather, or knitted. Shipment is available worldwide and the delivery time and shipping fees depend on country and customs but regularly it takes between 6-9 working days.

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