Speedtech WiFi Booster Helps You Never Lose Internet Connection Again


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Speedtech WiFi Booster Helps You Never Lose Internet Connection Again

Having a slow internet connection is not only annoying but also counterproductive. Nowadays, most people with office jobs work from home. However, not being able to use the internet quickly and from everywhere in your house can leave you without a job.

We were in the same situation until we discovered Speedtech. This WiFi booster was exactly what we needed to enhance internet connectivity in our already crowded home. More so, we are so pleased with it that we decided to write a Speedtech review. Read on to discover if this WiFi extender is right for you!

What We Love About Speedtech

We recently moved from a small apartment to a house in the suburbs. As a four-member family, we rarely had any internet connectivity issues in our former place. On the other hand, we all used to go online from the living room, where the internet router was.

After moving into a larger home, we found ourselves connecting to the internet from two or three rooms away from the router’s position. Unsurprisingly, our internet experience had deteriorated. We could no longer download large files fast and simple browsing took longer. Above all, the internet signal would drop when you needed it the most.

We decided to boost our internet connectivity. However, we didn’t want to invest in a new, more expensive router. Also, the internet provider could only solve our issue by offering us a heftier monthly subscription. Simply put, both options were too costly for us.

Fortunately, we found out about Speedtech WiFi Booster. The many positive customer reviews ignited our interest. So, we decided to give it a try. After all, it costs less than new routers or premium internet subscriptions.

First Impressions

Straight out of the box, Speedtech impressed us with its humble, yet efficient design. This WiFi extender looks exactly like in the ad. It is a stylish, white box with small, but powerful antennas. On the front side, you can see 4 LED lights that inform you about its performance in real-time.

We just decorated our new home. So, we love that Speedtech has a discrete design that doesn’t stand out from the room decor. 

How to Install Speedtech WiFi Booster

How to Install Speedtech WiFi Booster

We decided to test Speedtech by installing it in the farthest room from our internet router. Coincidentally, this room is also my office, and where I often struggle to get a good internet signal while working.

We must admit that we have very little IT knowledge. Our skills at installing WiFi extenders are minimal. Still, we had Speedtech up and running in less than ten minutes. This is possible thanks to the helpful instructions manual that comes with the package.

We are not experts. But, we believe that Speedtech is designed to help consumers install their own WiFi boosters. It’s actually a great idea. This way, you cut out the middleman, and users can set up their devices without paying IT specialists to do it for them.

Testing the Speedtech WiFi Coverage

We were eager to see how Speedtech works. So, as soon as it linked to the main router, we also connected our phones to it. At first, we couldn’t believe our eyes. Where we rarely got one signal bar, we now received a full internet signal.

Even if we were four rooms away from the internet router, our connection was fast and smooth. This house has thick, old walls. So, the Speedtech performance is even more impressive.

Testing the Speedtech WiFi Coverage

Speedtech is a new internet extender for wireless routers. It should help eliminate internet dead spots and boost connectivity throughout your home. More so, it may help you download files, stream movies, and browse the web faster.

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Testing the Speedtech WiFi Coverage
Better internet converge in large or crowded households
Faster internet data transfer and quicker downloads
Streaming movies without signal dropouts and buffering.
Playing online games without lagging.
Quick installation process
Seamless internet connection during video calls.
30-day money back guarantee.
You can only order Speedtech online.
Larger properties require several WiFi booster units.
The manufacturer has a limited supply of these WiFi extenders.
It is only available in white.

Speedtech Helps Remove Dead Spots

We fell in love with Speedtech from the start. However, we wanted to test its abilities further. So, each of us went to the farthest corners of the property. And, the results were more than surprising. For instance, we could connect to the WiFi booster from the garage, the front yard, and the backyard without any issues.

Why Speedtech May Help You

We already talked about how Speedtech helped us solve our internet connectivity issues. Now, let’s see how this WiFi extender can help you.

Speedtech WiFi Booster should enhance internet connectivity throughout your home. If you live in a large or crowded household, this device may increase internet speed and efficiency. More so, it could eliminate internet dead spots and allow you to browse the web as far from the main router as possible.

Speedtech should save you from investing big sums in those expensive WiFi routers or hefty, new subscriptions. Do not fall victim to internet providers who may take advantage of your slow connectivity to charge you more for slightly faster internet.

Speedtech logo
It helps increase internet connectivity in your home.
Faster data transfer on the internet up to 300 Mb/s.
Humble, but discreet and efficient design.
Easy to set up even if you have zero IT skills.
No more internet dead spots in your home.
No need to buy new internet routers.
It helps save money on costly internet subscriptions.
Speedtech logo


Speedtech is not available in computer stores. However, you can buy it directly from the manufacture’s webshop. The order also comes with a 30-day trial period. So, you have one month to test it. And, if you don’t like its performance, you can always send it back for a full refund.

Hurry up and buy Speedtech here to enhance internet connectivity in your home!