Derila – the right pillow for perfect posture


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Let go of uncomfortable pillows and correct bad posture for good with one of the best back, neck and shoulder supports on the market – Derila Memory Foam Pillow!

As people of all ages can be considerably affected by the effects of poor sleep, with significant consequences such as waking up even more tired, grumpy and struggling with multiple body aches, Derila is a product with a goal – helping you rest and relax properly during your power naps as well as long night’s sleep.

What we love about Derila

Derila Memory Foam Pillow helps you sleep more relaxed by following your unique anatomy while adjusting to your weight and body shape in order for you to sleep peacefully and free of pains.

But let’s see what’s best about Derila:

This amazing pillow follows your spine’s natural curvature, as the high-quality memory foam inside is very cosy and comfortable. Customers who purchased Derila have reported a better sleep starting the very first night of use, which is amazing if considering that the market is flooded with products that claim to have significant effects but in reality lack results.

With hundreds of 5-star online reviews, Derila Memory Foam Pillow is suitable for any sleeper’s preferred position (side, back, stomach) and is especially designed to support good posture and fight improper sleep routines. Not to mention its special price via current sales by the producer.


How Derila Memory Foam Pillow may help you

If already affected by stress, bad posture and the negative effects of traditional pillows, Derila can help you correct your spine alignment and improve both sleeping routine and body shape. Of course, you will also feel more relaxed, rested and ready to start every day with enthusiasm and a big smile on your face.

Derila pillow contains high density memory foam technology which shapes to your body and weight while promoting a more relaxed and peaceful sleep. The butterfly support wings make this revolutionary pillow suitable for side, back and stomach sleepers.

Derila promotes a natural sleep posture and supports your neck, head and back position while sleeping. Reduces restlessness, pain and discomfort. The cooling outer layer regulates body temperature, so you can have the best sleeping experience in your life!

Let poor sleep and related pain become a memory with Derila Memory Foam Pillow! No more tension headaches, shoulder and back pains or curved spine with this revolutionary product currently available at special prices. Say no to discomfort, stress and snoring, and choose to have a comfortable, restful sleep and an overall higher health and wellness level.

Sleep safe and sound with Derila!

*Derila is ideal for travellers, as it is light and easy to transport, thanks to its ergonomic design and quality materials.


Derila is the revolutionary pillow especially designed for you to wake up feeling rested and refreshed after a relaxing night’s sleep with no pain or discomfort.

After purchasing Derila, you can forget about neck pain and tiredness caused by bad posture while sleeping and enjoy the essential aid everyone should have at home in order to boost personal comfort – the right pillow for perfect posture and no more painful body parts.

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Decreases muscular pain and headache frequency due to bad sleep triggering tension across neck, head and back.
Derila offers proper anatomic support to diminish discomfort and increase relaxation.
Reduces snoring or nasal congestion and promotes the right neck position while resting.
This product is ideal for sleeping in any place, perfectly suitable for both heavy travellers or at-home enthusiasts. Derila can be used inside cars, planes, trains, as it is easy to transport and light.
The advanced memory foam technology offers proper spine alignment while moulding on the body shape for a restful, more relaxing sleep and less pain when starting the day.
You wake up happier, more relaxed and in a great mood.
Derila is available at special prices via online orders only; Derila is not available for in-store purchase
The manufacturer has reported limited stocks for Derila pillows
Discounts are available for a limited period of time only

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Why purchase Derila?

The answer is simple:

Advanced Memory Foam Technology
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee policy for all orders
Ideal for travel
Suitable for all style sleepers
Supports good posture
Special anatomical shape
One click away


Only $39.95 vs. $79.90 (retail price) – for 1 item
Available exclusively via manufacturer’s online offer
Low stocks, high demand

Derila is available online only and can be purchased via manufacture’s webshop. The checkout process is very easy and safe, each order benefits fast shipping and secured payments. Customers are invited to check out available campaigns on the official website.