T-Watch Review: The gadget that puts your health first


Our Verdict:

A well designed fitness device that features useful functionalities at an affordable price. It is easy to set up, a great exercise partner and offers tremendous user experience.

Numerous companies have developed bracelets and watches to help us keep our health in check, but while many of them are overpriced for their functions, others don’t really deliver the quality we’d expect.
We tried a few of the more accessible devices to see which one is worth it, and we stopped at this one: T-Watch.

What we love about it

We did our best to empathize as much as possible with users who may be thinking about purchasing such a device to be able to make a fair and honest review. And here it is.

Let’s start with the price tag. We did our research and found that if you wanted the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch, you’d have to pay roughly $329 for it. For the latest Apple Watch Series 4, you would pay $399 (GPS version) or $499 (GPS+Cellular version). TWatch wanted everyone to be able to afford a smart watch, which is why it sells on the official website for only $89. Even more, you receive extra discounts if you decide to purchase more pieces.

Easy to set up and use – connects to both iOS and Android
Great energy saving function – 33 months Cell Battery life
Good price/functionality balance
No music function
Limited color palette

Second, we loved how intuitive the watch is: everything is straightforward, no complicated buttons and functions, no difficult set up, no nothing. So yes, pretty much everyone will be able to use it without having to read an entire manual. What’s more, the device easily connects to both iOS and Android.

We also loved the energy saving function. We are already charging numerous devices a few times per day – we all go through this, don’t we? – which means that finally having a gadget that doesn’t scream for power 3 times per day is a reason for celebration. Speaking about battery life, here’s a secret: T-Watch has battery autonomy of 33 months!


Moving on, we loved the way the watch feels and looks. The materials used in manufacturing are highly qualitative, which shows from the very first touch and glimpse. For a watch, the glass and bracelet are both very important, so we took a careful look at it and were pleased to discover that the gadget is covered in a Drilling Carbon Coating – this is an important feature as it makes the watch water and dust resistant, which you definitely need from a fitness device you’ll be taking outdoors – while the Protocol Crystal Corning Gorilla Glass 4 (we know, a complicated name!) features a sunlight-visible framework – this makes sure that you’ll be able to read it even in extreme light conditions.

How T-Watch Will Help You

This gadget has been specifically created to do three important things: be accessible, motivate users to lose weight and have a modern, pleasant design.

We tried this watch for a week and were impressed by its functionality. Here’s what we’ve learned and what it could do for you:

  • It records your daily activity
    Get the app, set your schedule and check it at the end of the day to see the fulfillment rate of your daily target, as the watch keeps an eye on everything you do
  • Improves calorie burn tracking
    You’ll be able to keep an eye on your burnt calories as this watch measures your heart rate during the entire day and also during workouts
  • Measures your walking distance
    You might see this as a small thing, but it’s actually more useful than you think; combined with a dual sensor, the watch will accurately measure your walking distance, thus helping you keep track of your steps and reach your goals
  • Reminds you of important things
    Simply connect it to your phone using the Bluetooth function and the watch will remind you of incoming calls, SMS, Twitter, Facebook and many other notifications
  • Set the alarm
    Use Sports+ to set the alarm clock and it will alert you through beeps when reaching the prescribed time
  • And our favorite feature, the remote camera
    We do live in the take-as-many-photos-as-you-can days and the watch will allow you to take this to the next level; connect it to your smartphone, launch the phone camera function from the Sports+ app and then press S3 button to take a photo remotely

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The watch is available for order in: Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa and numerous other that you can find on the official website.

We can definitely say that after only a week of testing the device we’ve been convinced by its functions and design. It is a gadget that will offer you pretty much the same functionalities as the popular ones at a way more affordable price and well-thought design.


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