SPY’s New ONE Lens Technology Change Tints with ONE Touch

If you’re a ski lover like me you probably know how annoying it can be to have skiing goggles with lens tint that is not fit for all weather conditions. If it’s too sunny, they’re useless; if it’s not sunny at all they become useless, again. So what do you do? You fill your bags with extra pairs of goggles and keep changing them according to the weather and that’s…..annoying.

However, it is time we say no more! SPY new our struggle and decided to offer a solution that helps you throw away the extra pairs and stick with one that changes tints with a push of one button. Doesn’t that sound mesmerizing?

ONE Lens for all conditions

With the touch of one button you can change the tint of your goggle from dark to medium and eventually light persimmon, without even having to stop or take them off. This is very useful and you’re probably already excited at the thought of it, as you will be able to save more time and have some extra fun skiing instead of worrying about seeing where you’re heading to!

SPY’s electrochromic ONE Lens technology wish to deliver a “zero hassle” lens change experience, and so it does. By touching the button, an electronic pulse is sent through the invisible filament sandwiched between an “injected cylindrical dual lens” to change the tint of the persimmon-based lens. WOAH!

These settings are controlled by a lightweight battery pack and allow you to instantly adapt to any light condition: sunny, mixed or flat.

Discover all the features

If you’re not completely impressed yet, brace yourself. More is coming:

  • Meet the haptic feedback – the battery pack vibrates when lens changes tint so that you know what you’re doing
  • LED Indicator – the multi-colored LED will indicate the battery status
  • USB Charging – you’ll receive an USB cable with which you can easily charge your goggles
  • Lithium Ion Battery – guaranteed to last for up to 5,000 tint cycles; the power module only weighs 25 grams, making the goggle lightweight and powerful at the same time

So, if you’re waiting for winter to come and go skiing perhaps you should take a look at this video and see for yourself how useful these goggles can be: