Innovative Hush Insoles Keep Feet Problems at Bay


Our Verdict:

A pair of insoles that bring comfort and support to any individual, regardless of weight, height, age and gender. An excellent solution for those who experience feet and back pain caused by extensive hours spent standing up or walking long distances.

Protecting our feet while standing up and walking long distances is highly important for maintaining good health of both our feet and spine. We played around and inserted different insoles into our shoes, walked around the office and city and were shocked to discover that the not-so-famous Hush Insoles actually feel better than the more famous ones.

What we love about them

One morning, we got to the office and decided to gear up and insert the insoles into our shoes to go for an “upgraded walk” as we named it. From the very first step we were impressed by the foot massage feeling that the insoles provide. It simply made us want to walk even more as it just felt too good not to take advantage of it.

The “foot massage” feeling comes from the special design these insoles have, as they contain large magnetic wave stones and hundreds of microdots that stimulate and massage reflexology points while walking.

Of course we could not benefit from all the benefits in just a few hours of walking, so we decided to keep them inside our shoes for two weeks. Not only did we experience better blood circulation (my feet, for instance, were finally not cold as ice all the time) but also a significant decrease in muscular aches and pains while walking long distances.

A good fit for any individual
Reduce pain and stimulate blood circulation
Great price/functionality balance
Only one design available
Can’t be worn with flip flops
Can only be purchased online

Perhaps you’re familiar with feeling your feet a bit moist after spending a few hours with your shoes on. Even though it may seem innocent, moisture can lead to serious feet problems such as toe nail fungus, dermatitis and the appearance of verruca. This is why we also paid attention to this aspect and were pleasantly surprised to learn that these insoles are great at keeping feet cool and dry thanks to the hundreds of air vents incorporated in the design.

When we first opened the package we were afraid that the insoles might not be a good fit for all of us. After all, we do have different shoe sizes and our bodies are….very different! However, this worry was soon taken away as all we needed to do was place our feet onto each insole and trim to the pre-made size. Even more, the insoles easily fit all of our shoes, regardless of what we were wearing, which was a big plus!

How Will They Help You

The insoles have been created to assist you in 3 different ways: massage your feet while walking, reduce the pressure on your spine and keep your feet cool and dry.

Here’s what we experienced in two weeks of using the insoles and what it could do for you:

  • Reduce pain
    Thanks to the magnetic wave stones and microdots that stimulate reflexology points, you will experience more comfort while walking and standing on your feet, therefore reducing pain
  • Keep your feet dry
    The incorporated air vents make sure that your feet will be able to breathe and stay dry, thus significantly reducing chances of developing toe nail fungus, verruca or dermatitis
  • Support your spine
    Wearing Hush Insoles relaxes your lumbar muscles which further reduce the pressure on your spine, helping your body maintain a proper posture
  • A great match for everyone
    Trim it to fit your size and slip it inside any shoe, from sneakers to boots and sandals

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The insoles are available for order in: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom and numerous other that you can find on the official website.

After two weeks of wearing them, we are proud to say that we have found a true gem in terms of feet health. You can get your very own pair from the official Hush Insoles website for only $39.95. If you decide to order more pieces, you’ll receive extra discounts.


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