Eagle Eye X700 is the “Must-Have” Tactical Flashlight You Need in 2020


Our Verdict:

Small, compact, and powerful. Three words that successfully characterize the Eagle Eye X700 Tactical Flashlight. The aircraft-grade aluminum offers outstanding durability, while the 4 different focus levels and 5 light modes help you light up any place, no matter how dark.

Do we know when the next storm is going to hit us? No. Do we know when the next power cut is going to happen? No. Do we know when the bulb in our basement is going to burn? No. There are numerous other situations that we have no control over and in which we could definitely benefit from a tactical flashlight such as Eagle Eye X700. You may not realize it now, but you need it more than you can imagine.

A qualitative flashlight such as Eagle Eye X700 is useful in more situations than simply lighting up a room. You can use it when you walk your dog at night, when you need to take a look underneath your car, and even as a weapon against individuals who might represent a threat, as this flashlight is like no other.

What caught our attention at Eagle Eye X700 Tactical Flashlight

The high-quality materials are one of the most important characteristics of this tactical flashlight. This gadget is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which can only mean two things: it is extremely lightweight, therefore easy to handle and carry, and tremendously resistant, making it strong enough to help the bearer break a window, for example.

Even more, aluminum is corrosion-resistant, which means that this tactical flashlight will have a long life. All in all, both usability and durability are assured right from the start.

Aircraft-grade aluminum for durability and ease of use
Affordable price
Lightweight and easy to carry and store
Can be used as a self-defense tool thanks to the beveled edges
Can only be found online
Users can’t change the color of the light beam
Only one color available: black
You cannot recharge it via USB

The Eagle Eye X700 uses a Cree T6 LED bulb that comes with more advantages than other models on the market:

It is smaller in size
It is more energy-efficient, therefore assuring a longer battery life
It produces a minimum level of heat
Has a longer lifespan

This is pretty much everything you’d wish for in a flashlight. Another important aspect is the fact that it acts amazing in both hot and cold environments so that there aren’t going to be any light-interruptions. The Eagle Eye Tactical Flashlight offers approximately 100.000 lamp life hours, which is impressive to say the least.

The telescopic focus is another cool feature: simply twist the flashlight and adjust the beam of light according to your needs, choosing from one of the 4 different focus levels: x1, x250, x500 and x2000.

The five light modes are also really helpful: you get three usual ones (low, medium, and high) and an extra two that are more special: strobe and SOS.

How can Eagle Eye X700 Flashlight help you

Think of the Eagle Eye X700 as more than just a flashlight. Whether you need more light or find yourself in danger, this gadget can make a big difference. Here are the benefits that we’ve discovered:

  • It performs amazing in a large variety of situations
    Because it features 4 different focus settings and 5 different light modes, this tactical flashlight can easily adapt to any situation, as it can be easily adapted.
  • Very easy to use in any situation
    There are no secret ways to making this tactical flashlight work. Everything is very straight-forward so that anyone can use it in a very easy and comfortable way.
  • Even though it’s lightweight, Eagle Eye X700 is extremely durable
    The aircraft-grade aluminum makes this tactical flashlight different from numerous other models, as it is both incredibly lightweight, yet durable and long-lasting.

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Did we mention the fact that it can be a great self-defense tool? The flashlight has a beveled edge all around the beam that you can use in self-defense to disarm your attacker, break a window and any other similar situations.

Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, the Eagle Eye tactical flashlight can tremendously help you stay safe.


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