MOREbot – A 3D-Printed Robot Ecosystem For Every Need

MOREbot – A 3D-Printed Robot Ecosystem For Every Need

The MOREbot is a fit platform for both kids and adults, it helps introduce kids to robotics and can help you with different projects

MOREbot is a 3D printed robot ecosystem from MORE Technologies meant to teach real tech skills to the next generation of innovators and problem solvers, being a customizable robotics kit meant for classroom or home use.

It provides an innovative approach to teaching children about robot culture through combination of open source and 3D printing technology. The base robot is perfect for all skill levels and ages, being as easy enough for beginners 8+ and it grows as you learn, becoming a powerful tool for any expert.

MOREbot is an expandable and modular STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning robotic ecosystem, all parts being 3D printed which makes it quite affordable.

This system offers an open source learning because it provides a clear path for beginners to become experts in coding, 3D printing and electronics using the Arduino platform. Moreover, it prepares the user to adapt to an always-changing world by teaching skills like problem solving and design thinking.

This technology offers easy customization and deeper learning outcomes thanks to the fact that almost all the parts are 3D printed and snap together with wooden dowels. 3D printing is meant to teach you how to create a robot not just assemble one.

The MOREbot starts with a base robot that you can transform with the different add-on kits and turn it into anything you want. Therefore, you have endless opportunities for creating what you desire, plus, after you build it, you can control it via a mobile app. You can get either of the following kits or all of them in order to accompany the base robot:

The Game Kit which can turn into an interactive device with a screen and multiple controls that has the purpose to engage students in programming and teach them how to build, wire, and program the MOREbot platform into a full controller and game system by learning the base concepts of games programming. This kit can be used in 15 lessons with varied levels of difficulty and it can also be remixed for experiments in every lesson.


The Catapult Expansion offers the MOREbot the ability to launch small projectiles which can be easily placed on top of the base robot, you can control the launch from your phone. The power of the catapult can be changed with the help of rubber bands and can be used to teach different physics concepts such as force, torque, and springs.

The Robot Arm Expansion gives the MOREbot a hand or claw allowing you to pick up and drop objects. Each arm section is 6 inches long and each joint uses a powerful 20kg/cm digital servo.

The Structure Kit comes with the main 3D printed parts and plenty of wooden dowels. You can make anything from a bridge to a giant MOREbot, and by combining this kit with the Sensor kit and the Motion kit below, you can get the most out of the MORE ecosystem.

The Motion Kit includes gears, servos, and motors and you can use it to make a robot arm, a faster robot, or whatever else you want.

The Sensor Kit will teach you how to wire, code, and use each sensor with an applied lesson. With this kit your MOREbot will be able to perceive the world.

Affordable 3D printed parts
Modular components
Open source learning
Bluetooth controlled App
It will be shipped in a few months
Quite costly