Ice Climbing Got Easier with the Ouray Ice Gloves

Ice Climbing Got Easier with the Ouray Ice Gloves

Ice climbing is definitely a great sport and we can even say it can get quite extreme, especially if you’re a pro. However, you need professional equipment that is highly qualitative and can help you stay safe and support your adventure.

One of the most important things you need are gloves, as you’re going to be doing a lot of things with your hands (it’s called climbing for a reason). We found the Ouray Ice Gloves and we are impressed by them, as they seem to be offering everything you need to successfully climb up your goals and stay safe.

Ouray Ice Gloves specs and features

First things first, these gloves are waterproof, which means that there is no way water will get inside. The resilient Pittards Oiltac goat leather palms will allow you to have a good grip, while the entire glove is insulated with PrimaLoft Aerogel, which is used in NASA space travel.

Women’s gloves feature an extra 200g of Aerogel insulation on the backs of hands as women’s hands run an average of 3 degrees colder than men. See, the manufacturers really thought things through.

The shape is designed and patterned to perfectly fit the hands and match the motion of climbers at work, whilst the aerogel compression-resistant thermal barrier is patterned over the palm and fingers with multiple panels that allow retention of grip and freedom of movement.

The gloves also feature a carabiner loop, pull-on loops and a glove clip.

The fabric consists of 85% nylon and 15% spandex stretch nylon twill shell while the lining fabric is made of polyester microfleece.

One more thing that we absolutely loved about these is the fact that they are made to keep cold from coming outside rather than keep the warmth of your hands from going out. This means that your hands will have to deal with less cold than compared to other gloves.

So, if you’re ready to go ice climbing the professional way, you may want to consider gifting yourself the Ouray Ice gloves. Definitely worth keeping your hands safe, right?