We tried Hush Socks and Our Feet Thanked us For It


Our Verdict:

Lightweight, breathable and highly comfortable socks that prevent swelling and pain. A great choice for anyone who experiences pain while walking, as well as for those suffering from plantar fasciitis.

What looked like a regular pair of socks at first turned out to be an innovative solution against feet pain, swelling and heel discomfort. These socks are proof that the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” should be taken seriously.

What we love about them

There are numerous manufacturers on the market that promise amazing results from day one, and we took a leap and tried a few of them, from the cheapest to the most expensive ones. Each member of the team wore a different brand and I was given Hush Socks. I must say, I was the lucky one.

First things first, I was spoiled from the moment I put these socks on, as the anti-odor and anti-static fabric delivers excellent comfort while also keeping the feet dry. One of my colleagues was a bit disappointed because the brand he received was very tight on his feet, I for one did not have this problem with Hush Socks.

Even though we initially agreed to wear the socks for a week, I wanted to keep these on for a week extra so I can get a better glimpse of them. And it was an inspired choice! The socks can be worn with any sort of shoe, so it was far from being an effort.

Unisex size – a great match for anyone
Reduce pain, swelling and boost blood circulation
Great price/functionality balance
Only one design available
Can’t be worn with flip flops
Can only be purchased online
May not help with severe feet injuries
Will not remove bad foot smell if you already have it

Secondly, after a few days of wearing them constantly I noticed that my plantar fasciitis symptoms (we all have our flaws…) have significantly diminished and I no longer experienced heel discomfort and pain. If you’re like me, you definitely understand how terrible that plantar fasciitis pain is, which is why I gave these socks a big YES.

One day my colleague came to me and asked me if she can try them on for a bit. I was not really into it but I couldn’t refuse her, and so I did accept, and this is how we found out that the brand does not lie when it says that these socks are interchangeable and great for the whole family. They fit her perfectly and she soon experienced the same comfort as I did. I took them back, though!

How They Will Help You

These socks have been created to help you in 3 different ways: fight against symptoms of plantar fasciitis, massage and support feet and boost blood circulation.

Here are the benefits we experienced and what Hush Socks could do for you:

  • Relief from foot pain and swelling
    The socks provide premium support, comfort and relief without compromising your mobility
  • Keep feet dry
    The breathable fabric makes sure your feet stay cool and dry, preventing the development of dermatitis, verruca and toe nail fungus
  • Good for anyone
    Thanks to the unisex size, the socks are a great match for anyone and can be worn with any type of shoe
  • Massage the feet
    The lightweight fabric massages the feet and provides support that will reduce heel discomfort and pain while walking

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The socks are available for order in: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom and numerous other that you can find on the official website.

What we concluded after two weeks of wearing Hush Socks is that even though these socks are not as famous as other brands, they deliver excellent results at an affordable price, making it easy for anyone to benefit from an amazing experience. You can get your own pair from the official Hush Socks website for only $24.95. Even more, if you order more than one pair you’ll receive extra discounts.


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