The BarxBuddy is the Ultrasonic Barking Stopper for Misbehaving Pups


Our Verdict:

BarxBuddy is a fast and easy way to help reduce bad behavior in dogs. Featuring ultrasonic technology, versatile settings, and pet-safe technology, this bark stopping device should be a reliable and effective substitute for a professional dog trainer.

According to the manufacturer, BarxBuddy may help you save money on hiring a dog obedience school. With this device, you get to correct your dog’s bad behavior in a fun, cost-effective, and humane way.

Having a Husky for a pet is fun, but it can become tiring at times. Like most Huskies, our dog Charlie is full of energy, curious, and quite loud. He is six months old and likes to bark at everything that moves. Sometimes, he just howls for seemingly no reason at all. If you ever had a Husky, you know what we’re talking about.

We wanted to get professional training for Charlie without a dog trainer ripping us off, so we gave BarxBuddy a try. The whole experience was surprisingly pleasant, and the results are below! 

What We Love About BarxBuddy

We first heard about BarxBuddy from online reviews, and after ordering from the manufacturer, we couldn’t wait to open the package and use it.

The BarxBuddy is a small, elegant gadget with a slick, black finish. It has an ergonomic design, similar to a TV remote control, and it features easy-to-use controls. It only has two buttons on one side. One of them is large and easy to find without peeking at the device. It says “On,” and when you press it, the gadget emits an ultrasonic sound that catches the dog’s attention without causing it any harm.

After unboxing the BarxBuddy, we were eager to test it, but poor Charlie was calm and behaving. So, we had to wait a few hours until a raging ambulance passed by our home. Charlie started howling in response to the siren, as he always does, and we found the perfect timing to use the bark stopper. 

A fun way to train your dogs some good manners
It uses pet-safe ultrasonic technology.
It should stop your dog from barking and jumping.
It may prevent your dog from being aggressive.
It should stop your dog from chewing shoes and digging holes.
It could help you stave off aggressive dogs.
You can only order BarxBuddy online
Doesn´t help your dog learn complex training commands
Limited number of BarxBuddy devices

We pointed the BarxBuddy toward Charlie, and as soon as we pressed the “On” button, he turned quiet and looked at us with great confusion in his eyes. We couldn’t stop laughing, not only because of his bewildered expression but also of happiness for finally finding an effective solution to stop dogs from barking mindlessly.

In the next few days, we used the BarxBuddy every time Charlie was acting up. And every time he stopped misbehaving thanks to the ultrasonic emission, we gave him a treat. In just a few days, he learned that good behavior pays well.

The other control is a sliding button through which you control the intensity of the ultrasonic sound. Setting 1 should be ideal for training your pet while Setting 2 should help you stop dogs from being overly aggressive.

The next day, we found out that BarxBuddy also uses LED lights and infrared light to grab the dog’s attention and calm it down. This feature is more than welcome especially when going to the dog park, and some of the dogs get in a huge fight.

One of the best parts about BarxBuddy is that, contrary to other bark stoppers, it uses pet-safe technology. Every time it emits ultrasonic sounds or lights, it only catches the dog’s attention, and it does not harm it in any way. This device claims to be 100% safe and humane, which is what all dog lovers and owners expect from a dog-training device.

Last but not least, we love that the device has a lanyard that you can conveniently strap to your wrist. This nifty addition makes the product easier to use and increases its value. 

How BarxBuddy May Help You

The BarxBuddy should help you teach your dog better behavior. Regular use should help the dog learn that barking, jumping, and fighting are not ways of being the man’s best friend.

After a few weeks of using the BarxBuddy, we noticed that Charlie would not even wait to hear the ultrasonic sound. As soon as we picked up the device, he would stop misbehaving.

BarxBuddy should also help you control your dog’s high levels of aggression and energy. With this device, you may prevent or stop dogs from chewing on shoes, fighting with other dogs, or barking at strangers.

Another great thing about BarxBuddy is that you can use it even if you don’t have a dog. If you are afraid of dogs or live in an area with stray hounds, you may be able to stave them off with this device. When running toward you, the ultrasonic sound should make them stop in their tracks.

BarxBuddy Essential Features

  • BarxBuddy uses ultrasonic technology that is harmless to dogs, humans, and all animals.
  • BarxBuddy has an ergonomic, pocket-size design and a lanyard to make it easy to carry with you wherever you go.
  • BarxBuddy uses LED light and infrared light to distract the dog’s attention and make it understand that it is misbehaving.
  • BarxBuddy is most effective at a range of 30 feet or closer.
The BarxBuddy is the Ultrasonic Barking Stopper for Misbehaving Pups



BarxBuddy is available to order only from the manufacturer’s website. You cannot find it in retail stores or pet shops, but buying it online should provide you with essential customer benefits.

When you buy BarxBuddy directly from the manufacturer, you know that you are ordering a genuine product. Additionally, you may get access to a broad range of discount offers, time-limited offers, and cost reduction promotions. For more information, please visit the BarxBuddy website.

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The BarxBuddy is the Ultrasonic Barking Stopper for Misbehaving Pups

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