Radiate Offers a Portable Campfire in a Tin Can

Starting a campfire is now easier than ever thanks to the Radiate Portable Campfire in a tin – take it with you wherever you go in your very own backpack

Whether you are going camping with your friends, to the mountains, beach or wish to roast some marshmallows with your kids, the Radiate portable campfire is ready to assist you from your very own backpack.

Radiate comes in a tin can that measures 8×3.5 inches, making it small enough to fit in your pockets and bag, but powerful enough to offer you a campfire. It is made from a mix of recycled soy wax and recycled paper briquettes which are better for the environment than traditional wood-burning campfires. Regardless of how you see it, this tin is definitely more convenient since you no longer have to gather sticks, twigs and combustibles to get your fire started.

To use it, simply set it down on a non-flammable surface, light the paper pulp section using a lighter or a match and watch the flames burn. The flames can get up to two feet high, meaning that there is some powerful fuel in there for you to use to grill hotdogs, roast marshmallows and stay warm during a cold night outdoors. However, for your protection, make sure that the tin can is placed on a heat-resistant surface as the tin can get very hot.

The Radiate Portable Campfire will keep burning for around 4 hours, but it could hold for 5 or as short as 3, depending on weather conditions (wind and humidity, mostly). The gear is also waterproof, so the fire should stay alive even if you accidentally spill a drink on it. It’s also reusable, meaning that you can stop the fire and restart it as long as some of the compound is still in the can.

As the gear uses a mix of wax and briquettes, there won’t be embers that fly out, making it a safer alternative to traditional campfires. Moreover, there’s also no wood smoke smell to get into your clothes and hair, while it also does not require any sort of maintenance during the time it burns.

No smoke smell
Safer than traditional campfire
Highly portable and easy to use
Environmental friendly
Short burning period
Requires time to cool off before packing

To get a glimpse of the device see the presentation video above or follow this link.