Meet the Number 1 Choice: AirBeatz! The Super-Value Wireless Earbuds You Need in 2020


Our Verdict:

airbeatz offer an amazing cost per value equilibrium, deliver crystal clear sound and feature fast charging for hours of unstoppable playtime. Encased within a pocket-size stand, airbeatz can easily be taken anywhere, anytime thanks to their compact size and modern design. Furthermore, users can choose from 6 beautiful colors to make sure that the wireless earbuds match their personal style.

After months of research, we finally came to a conclusion: airbeatz increased its market share and won the hearts of users through an honest product that delivers precisely what it promises, with no extra marketing strategies that aim to rip people of their money.

What we love about them

To fall in love with a pair of wireless earbuds, we needed to find a pair that would not only come at an affordable price, but also deliver amazing sound quality, ergonomic and comfortable design and highly qualitative materials that wouldn’t look and feel cheap. We were pleased to discover that airbeatz met all the criteria we asked for and are with as much as 75% cheaper than other models that we found and also leading brands that are already famous and own a big market share. 

There are numerous benefits of using airbeatz. Not only do they offer amazing sound quality and fast charging time, but also offer increased level of comfort regardless of the activities you’re doing.

From running to jumping, rolling on the floor, hiking and any other intense physical activity, the airbeatz wireless earbuds are not going to fall out of your ear. As previously mentioned, this is thanks to the 100-individuals study and ergonomic design that was used and applied.

Regular headphones are hard to store as they tangle easily. Untangling them takes a lot of time and it is pretty annoying, which is why wireless earbuds are the best option. You simply place them inside the ear and don’t even feel like you’re wearing them. Easily store them in their compact case (that is also charging the earpods) and you’re always good to go.

Amazing, beautiful, modern design
Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and easy setup within seconds
Jaw-dropping quality of sound
Super high price-value equilibrium
Fast shipping in the US
Compatible with both iOS and Android devices
Users can only place an order online, through the official website
No trial available, users can’t try them on first before purchasing
Like many air pods, they are easy to misplace or lose

Regular activities will now become moments of pleasure, as your favorite sounds will play for hours in your ears. Boring chores and any sort of activities will become more fun and pleasant to do. Simply find a playlist you enjoy or create your own and benefit from an instant increased mood.

The best part? You won’t have to spend a lot of money to have a pair of wireless earbuds that are just as qualitative as the more famous models on the market. Believe it or not, most of them feature the same level of technology. 

What we didn’t love

Even though we were overall pleased with the quality of these wireless earbuds, there were a few times in which we wondered if there was something wrong with connectivity. We can’t say for sure if the few seconds loss of sound was due to the area we were in, our devices or other factors, but we felt the need of a more stable connectivity. We experienced very short glitches of signal and even though they did not last for long, we can say that they were not pleasant happenings. 

  • We loved how comfortable and pretty perfect these earbuds fit into our ears. We discovered that in order to achieve this ergonomic and comfortable design, the manufacturers of individuals underwent through a trial period in which they tested their product on more than 100 pairs of ears, questioning individuals regarding the level of comfort they experienced.
  • We were also impressed by the quality of the sound. airbeatz feature a 8mm speaker unit and light and elastic composite diaphragm for thicker base and a more vibrant treble, adding value to the already amazing, crystal clear sound.
  • Even more, we were glad to notice that unlike other models we’ve tried, airbeatz charge faster and provide 2-3 hours of continuous playtime and as much as 72 hours of standby time.
  • All in all, we enjoyed using and wearing them as we benefited from top-notch technology and amazing design.

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Individuals who live in the United States receive their order in just 3 days and also benefit from a 30-day money back guarantee. We are pretty sure that you are not going to use that, but the fact that it is offered says a lot about the seriosity of the company.

Put your hands on a pair of wireless earbuds that offer jaw-dropping quality of sound, instant connectivity and amazing design. This pair of earpods will impress you in every single way.

Your favorite songs and every single phone call will now sound better and be more accessible with just a few taps. Immerse into your favorite movies with no wires in your way and feel empowered by the futuristic design. For more information, visit the official AirBeatz website.


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