Vitals Watch: A gadget that keeps you active


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Vitals Watch offers amazing features, a modern and stylish design and great accessibility. It brings the latest technology at a very affordable price. Moreover, it suits the needs of all types of people: from those who don’t exercise to those who are physically active.

There are three types of people out there: the ones who don’t exercise and don’t have the motivation to start, the ones who exercise once in a while but not still lack the will to do it more often, and those who can’t sleep at night if they haven’t exercised during the day for at least 30 minutes.

Regardless of which category you fit into, the Vitals Watch will bring tremendous benefits to your lifestyle. Why? To put it simply, it adapts to your needs and delivers value regardless of your current physical exercise program.

How Vitals Watch Can Benefit the 3 categories of people

Type 1: the comfortable individual

Let’s say you’re the type of person who can’t even begin to think about exercising. You enjoy spending your time in front of the TV, playing a video game, watching a movie or maybe you have a more comfortable hobby such as painting or cooking. However, deep down, you think about exercising and you know it would help you. You’re just looking for that impulse to get started or for something to make you feel good about doing it.

Vitals Watch can be that for you. Simply wearing it offers a very pleasant feeling. It is modern, futuristic and basically your personal trainer. It monitors your heart rate, tracks your steps and keeps you connected to your progress. Simply looking at the screen and seeing that you’ve made 2000 steps today will give you a great feeling. It will make you want to do more, so that you have more to be happy about and be proud of yourself.

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Type 2: the once-in-a-while active person

Maybe once in a while you do exercise. You wake up in the morning with a motivation you have no idea where’s coming from, go out for a run with your favourite music on and feel amazing for the day. After exercising, you think about how amazing that was and how you’re going to do it more often as it made you feel energetic, healthy and happy. But you don’t, not for at least another month or even more.

Vitals Watch makes sure to track your rare physical activity and show it to you so that you get flashbacks of how great that run was. Moreover, you will want to wear it more often as it looks amazing and gives you constant feedback of everything you’re doing. You’ll be taking your fitness tracker for a run as a hobby.

Type 3: exercising is your lifestyle

Everything you do revolves around staying fit and active. You exercise daily and you’re proud of it. It is your lifestyle: you eat well, you exercise daily and you maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Vitals Watch only wishes to help you explore your body even further.

It counts your steps, monitors your heart rate and makes beautiful reports of your exercise routines. You will always be updated and connected to your results. Plus, it’s a great accessory that will make you feel proud and happy with yourself. It brings a modern air to a simple, yet efficient daily routine. It’s the cherry on top.

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Vitals Watch: What we love about them

There are a lot of fitness trackers on the market, but how many of them are actually what they promise to be? While some of them are expensive, other lack a great LCD screen or don’t have all the functions included. Vitals Watch is the middle way: very affordable, amazing screen quality and has all the features you can think of.

  • First of all, this fitness tracker tracks your daily activity: from steps, to distances, calories burned and active minutes while also creating a full sports data file for you.
  • Second of all, you’ll benefit a lot from the real-time heart rate monitoring feature. This way, you’ll know when to take a minute to breathe, relax and start all over again.
  • Plus, the beautiful design makes it more of a fashionable accessory rather than a casual fitness tracker. You will enjoy wearing it at all times. The adjustable rubber band makes the gadget fit comfortably on any hand, so you don’t have to worry about this aspect.
  • We’ve also noticed that the Vitals Watch is 50m waterproof, which is more than enough when you’re at the seaside or when you want to take a shower and forgot to take it off. We’ve all been there.


You’re probably curious about the battery life, as this is a very important aspect when it comes to modern gadgets. A single charge of the battery will last for 5-7 days when used normally.

All in all, this fitness tracker wishes to help you build healthy habits, understand your health, measure progress towards goals and train more effectively.

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